FSC® Certification

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Issued: 21/8/2014
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Quality Policy

To manage a business in the competitive field we work in, requires cutting edge technology and procedures, combined with highly skilled human resources who are able to handle the situation.

The guidelines for a successful business are gathered in a very precise company philosophy based on:

  • Innovation, to face the market’s challenges and continuously redefine the quality standards, product range and product and service development;
  • Commitment to keep the high quality standards we have set ourselves and meeting the market’s requirements, with motivation, team spirit and sense of responsibility of all our company;
  • Skill in keeping up to date and ahead in our ability to offer tangible and creative products and services to satisfy the market’s requests.
  • Sustainability, to create a better working environment, motivating and safe, in order to ensure continuity, competitiveness and stability over the time, and to react to a market more and more careful to the "socially responsible" behavior of companies.

In order to ensure over the time this philosophy BEL is committed to pursue the following targets:

  • identifying the needs and expectations of the Customer, to be able to achieve his/her full satisfaction, through the compliance with the specifications, both implicitly and explicitly provided, and the current legislation;
  • improving the organisation, production standards and / or methodologies, in order to raise the efficiency level of the production and ensure to keep the custody of the FSC chain;
  • improving the attention of all the staff about issues concerning quality and environment, especially by coaching the employees involved directly in the COC –FSC;
  • Providing to the organisation machinery, facilities, and equipment, needed to ensure the compliance of products to the specifications;
  • Making aware the suppliers and the entire staff of the problems pertaining to the quality system, social responsibility, and the compliance of the FSC requirements in the supply of FSC certified products;
  • Ensuring a comfortable working environment in compliance with existing safety and hygiene legislation;
  • Marketing proven quality products, that are promoting BEL’s image;
  • Ensuring the compliance with the principles of social responsibility identified as relevant by the Company;
  • Suspending the sale as an FSC product, when it does not meet the requirements of the standards applicable to the Company;
  • Using the FSC trademarks in accordance with FSC-STD-50-001_2 standards.


Company BEL claims not to be involved, directly and indirectly, in activities such as following:
  • Cutting or illegal trade in forest products;
  • violation of traditions and rights of people, related to forestry activities;
  • causing the destruction of areas with high conservation value, related to forestry activities;
  • conversion of significant areas of natural forest into plantations or into other land uses;
  • introduction of GMOs into the environment;
  • Which result in the violation of the rules established by the International Labour Organisation ILO in the "Declaration of Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work" in 1998.